Mentor Program

The AIUM is launching an initiative to help medical students and medical schools throughout the country by creating a network of mentors. 

Volunteers have indicated an interest in providing mentor services in a variety of areas such as:

Champion or Co-Champion– Creating and organizing an educational curriculum, scheduling lecture and hands on sessions, teaching, working with administration and overseeing the course.
IT Expert – Help with creating, updating, and uploading to course website
Small Group Instruction – Run cases and probe time in small groups
Lecturer – Classroom lecturer to medical students or create a recorded lecture that could be posted to a course website
Hands On Instructor – Help lead probe time with several other instructors
Advocate – Work with medical school administration to promote US integration into the medical curriculum.
Coffee with an Expert – Meet with medical students to discuss ultrasound over coffee or lunch.
Mentor – Provide individual advice/guidance to a medical student or resident

If you are interested in connecting with a mentor in your area, please contact the AIUM at

If you would like to be a mentor please complete the volunteer form to indicate your interest and how much time you would be willing to volunteer.  

View articles on teaching ultrasound in health sciences education. View references on mentorship. 

Mentor Volunteers to date in geographic proximity to Medical Schools in the United States

Your feedback is extremely valuable. Please provide your comments or suggestions to us at We welcome submission of additional resources as we continue to advance the integration of ultrasound into medical education.